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Pink Flowers Box

  • Elegant pink flowers arranged in a beautiful box, perfect for any occasion. Surprise your loved ones with this exquisite gift.

Pink Boom Bouquet

  • A stunning bouquet of pink flowers suitable for all occasions. Surprise your loved ones with this beautiful arrangement.


Filled with: - 1.380Kg Dipped Delights 500g Large Delights Indulge in the exquisite taste of our Pyramid Luxury Dates. Sourced from the finest farms, these handpicked dates are a true delight for your senses. With their luscious texture and rich, sweet flavor, they offer a luxurious experience like no other. Each date is carefully selected to ensure premium quality and superior taste. Our Pyramid Luxury Dates are elegantly presented in a stunning pyramid-shaped box, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your gift. Sending this extraordinary assortment of luxury dates to Jordan is a thoughtful way to express your love, appreciation, and warm wishes. Whether it's a special occasion, a heartfelt gesture, or a token of gratitude, this gift is sure to make a lasting impression. Order now from our esteemed website, Jasmine Flowers and Gifts, and let us help you deliver a memorable gift that will be cherished and enjoyed by your loved ones in Jordan.

Adha basket 1

  • 810g large dates 700g dipped dates 310g chocolate Sheep

Adha basket 2

  • 500g large dates Date molasses sheep Baked delights orange and pistachio Baked delights anise 2 cookies Chocolate almond jar Milk chocolate mixed flavors

Adha basket 3

  • 1.200 kg large dates 1.120 kg dipped dates Palm tree


Cookies with Crispy chocolate on the toping 1kilo

Delightful Dates & Chocolate Mix+Flowe

A unique gift of luxurious dates with chocolate and red rose flowers including a vase for free 12 red roses

Evelyn Luxury

  • A mixture of white and pink lilies flowers in a luxurious pot that will suit all your occasions
  • Note: Sometimes the flowers are closed, and it takes two days for them to bloom, depending on the season

Pink Roses – Wafer Cake

  • 12 Pink Roses
  • Wafer Cake enough for 6 people

Sweet success

Original price was: 48.00د.ا.Current price is: 43.00د.ا.
  • Dates Cake 8-10 people (Cake Shop)
  • 12 Mixed roses
    • Standard 12Roses + Free Vase Deluxe 22Roses + Free Vase Premium 32Roses + Free Vase

The Pyramid Gifts

The Pyramid Gifts 1 kg Dark Delights 500 g Desert Delights 250 g White Delights 4 pcs Lite Delights


Cups of chocolate with fillings of mango cream - strawberry- Toffee caramel - dark cocoa - Lutos.  

White Delights mix

White Chocolate Dipped Dates White Chocolate Dipped Dates Topped with Pistachio White Chocolate Dipped Dates Rolled with Coconut White Chocolate Dipped Dates Stuffed with Caramel White Chocolate Dipped Dates stuffed Espresso Beans White Chocolate Dipped Dates Mixed box Package 6