When the flowers are coordinated with the best coordinators and placed in a beautiful box
the bouquet gives a more beautiful view

When the flowers are coordinated with the best coordinators and placed in a beautiful box,

the bouquet gives a more beautiful view amman jordan الاردن ورد

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Pink Flowers Box

  • Elegant pink flowers arranged in a beautiful box, perfect for any occasion. Surprise your loved ones with this exquisite gift.

Valentine Black Roses Chocolate

  • Surprise your loved one with beautiful red roses presented in a stylish black box accompanied by delectable chocolates, perfect for Valentine's Day with Jasmine flower and gift.

Valentine’s Rouge Embrace

Original price was: 28.00د.ا.Current price is: 20.00د.ا.
  • Size: Stranded 15 Roses Deluxe 25 Roses Premium 35 Roses

Red Roses With Chocolate luxury

Consists of up to 16 red roses and 14 chocolate pieces from Merci inside an elegant black box

Heart shaped in a golden box

Original price was: 60.00د.ا.Current price is: 50.00د.ا.
  • Up to 20 red roses
  • 11 Ferrero Rocher Pieces

Hello Flower Chocolate Box

  • 10 Red and yellow roses in a box
  • 180gr patchi chocolate

Breeze of Love

  • Pink Rose Flowers
  • Patchi chocolate 180grams

Snowy Rose

Original price was: 40.00د.ا.Current price is: 35.00د.ا.
Elegant wooden box with red roses.

100 Red Roses in Box

  • 100 red roses in box
Sometimes flowers are placed in tow box, depending on the size of the rose in the season


Original price was: 250.00د.ا.Current price is: 240.00د.ا.
150 RED AND HOT PINK ROSES IN A BOX. Note: specifically this product, order before 48, at least. If you

A Happy Summer Box

A word with an answer card is worth sending it to someone you love.

A Luxury Flower Box arrangements

Original price was: 55.00د.ا.Current price is: 48.00د.ا.
Luxurious glass box with red and white flowers.

Amazing arrangement of red roses in black box

Original price was: 85.00د.ا.Current price is: 75.00د.ا.
Amazing arrangement of red roses in black box
  • Note to the student 24 hours ago Sometimes the shape of the box may change a little

Changing Baby Rose Flowers

  • Enjoy the beauty of baby roses in a stunning circular vase. The flower colors change with each season, giving you a unique experience every time. Get this symbolic beauty and add a touch of exquisite flowers to your home. Order at least 24 hours in advance

Graduation Celebration

  • Celebrate the joyous milestone of graduation with our delightful Teddy Graduation Flower Box. This charming arrangement features a cuddly teddy bear surrounded by a beautiful selection of fresh blooms, elegantly presented in a decorative box. Whether it's for a high school or college graduate, this gift is a perfect way to show your love and congratulations on their achievement.
  • Sometimes the flowers are different sizes of different colors, depending on the rose season in Jordan

Graduation Flowers and teddy bear

Pink flowers in a box with graduation teddy bear.

Luxurious flowers in glass a box

Original price was: 55.00د.ا.Current price is: 45.00د.ا.
Consists of lilies, roses and seasonal Louisiana The best choice, the perfect gift

Luxury Pink & White Arrangement

  • Introducing our Super Luxury White and Pink Flower Arrangement in a stunning, opulent pot. This exquisite bouquet is perfect for all occasions, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and more. Make your celebrations unforgettable with this elegant floral masterpiece.

Luxury Sunset Bloom

  • Experience the beauty of nature with our Luxury Sunset Bloom. This exquisite arrangement features vibrant sunflowers, rich red and purple blooms, and lush greens, all elegantly displayed in a luxurious pot. Add a touch of elegance to any space with this stunning floral arrangement from Jasmine Flowers & Gift.

Passion Elegance Box

  • The Passion Elegance Box is a stunning display of red roses, carefully arranged in an elegant box. Each rose exudes passion and love, making it the perfect gift for someone special in your life. Whether it's a romantic gesture or a heartfelt expression of admiration, this beautiful floral arrangement is sure to leave a lasting impression. Share your love and affection with the exquisite Passion Elegance Box from Jasmine Flowers & Gift in Amman. Order now and let your emotions blossom with every petal.


Original price was: 45.00د.ا.Current price is: 40.00د.ا.
A harmonious and beautiful set of pink roses inside a decent black round box you can make the gift more beautiful by adding plants , cake and balloons

Pink Everywhere

Original price was: 75.00د.ا.Current price is: 65.00د.ا.
  • Mix of pink flowers together in an elegant box with chocolate

Pink Mix (basket included)

you can make the gift more beautiful by adding chocolate , flowers and balloons