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Beauty Pink package

Original price was: 45.00د.ا.Current price is: 30.00د.ا.
  1. Soap Tulip 
  2. Body Sugar Scrub Cubes (7-8 cubes)
  3. Body Cream Lavender
  4. Loofah  
  5. Secanted Waw Melts (4) + Warmer+ Tealights(2)+ Match Box 
  6. Box Size  24*23*10 CM 

Box of special dates

Box of special dates 1kilo delights Dates 1kilo delights Dates

Chocolate and Flowers Bear in a basket

The perfect Christmas gift Chocolate, flowers and teddy bear inside a box The number of chocolates from 15 to 20

Happy chocolate day

Happy chocolate day A gift for all occasions, consisting of 25 to 30 chocolate bars in a round box The

lavender Body Care

Original price was: 55.00د.ا.Current price is: 42.00د.ا.
lavender Body Care Handmade INSIDE THIS GIFT BOX Soap Lavender body sugar scrub  Body Cream Lavender Bath Salts Lip Balm

Nivea hampers packages men

Nivea hampers packages men Gift for your brother, lover or husband , a set of personal care from Nivea company

Nivea Men Gift Set

you can make the gift more beautiful by adding plants , flowers and balloons

The Nuts Lover

Original price was: 48.00د.ا.Current price is: 44.00د.ا.
The Nuts Lover Lite Delights Mixed box Lite Delights Stuffed with Walnut Lite Delights Stuffed with Almond Lite Delights Stuffed

The Pyramid Gifts

The Pyramid Gifts 1 kg Dark Delights 500 g Desert Delights 250 g White Delights 4 pcs Lite Delights

White Chocolate Dipped Dates Mixed box

White Chocolate Dipped Dates Mixed box White Chocolate Dipped Dates White Chocolate Dipped Dates Topped with Pistachio White Chocolate Dipped