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Beauty Black Iris Wooden Box

  • Wooden box decorated with black iris mosaics The box contains: Body and hair soap with vanilla scent. Soap with laurel and olive oil for the skin 7 balls of scented soap Shea butter mixed with cocoa butter, pure beeswax and oils Natural loofah for body Natural loofah for skin

Energizing Charcoal Mask Set

The set contains energizing charcoal mask, charcoal soap, and roller face massager.

Hair & Skincare Set

  • Magical hair oil 35ml Luffa Soap (choose one of the scents: ayla - jasmine - oud - vanilla) Mirrolla onion shampoo Mirrolla mask

Handmade Wooden Box With Body Oil & Organic Soap

  • Handmade wooden box with body oil & 2 organic soaps and Natural Loafa

Home Diffuser Set

  • Fragrances include Gardenia, Lavender, Coconut with Vanilla, jasmine, Orchids, Oud & Amber, Oud, Pomegranate

Lavender Home Fragrance

  • Home diffuser lavender fragrance Size: 250ml 10 bamboo sticks in a glass vase

Mini Home Diffuser Set

  • Mini home diffuser 90ml (available scents: pomegranate, ocean, papaya, lavender, and vanilla) Censer Bamboo sticks Wooden box: 14.50*14.50

Mosaic Beauty Wooden Box

  • Wooden box size 14.5 * 14.5 decorated with mosaic anemones. The box contains: Body butter with Ella fragrance, natural beeswax and cocoa butter. Ella body soap 3 ella scented soaps in round and square shapes.

Skincare Bundle with Foaming Cleanser

  • A box of organic skincare products by Dara Shop containing: Organic Foaming Cleanser, Pomegranate & Lime Body Soap, Soy Wax Candle, Face Towel, Solid Perfume, Rose and Aragan Toner

Skincare Lovely Set

  • Rosemary Face Soap 200ml jar of pure organic Shea Butter Organic olive oil body soap Scented candle (coconut and lime scent) Face towel.

Skincare Set 2

  • Set contains: Almond and Shea Face Soap, Almond and Shea Body Soap

Skincare Set 3

  • Coconut oil 250ml Ocean cotton-scented candle Solid perfume Magical hair oil Black seed and Shea face soap Black seed and shea body soap

Skincare Set with Coconut Oil

  • A box of organic skincare products by Dara Shop containing Coconut Oil (250ml) Body Soap Lotion Bar (50ml) Body Butter ( 140ml)