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Orchid Plant with a Hairdryer Exclusive Brand

  • Orchid Plant
  • 4G+ Hairdryer Exclusive Brand For JasmineGift.com

Luxe Lily & Garbera Arrangement

  • This luxurious Vase opens up a realm of beauty and elegance wherever it is placed. It combines the splendor of white lilies, symbolizing purity and peace, with the beauty of gerbera flowers that add a touch of joy and vitality. The arrangement comes in an elegant vase that reflects sophistication and luxury, making it a perfect gift for special occasions such as Mother's Day or family celebrations. This bouquet adds a touch of charm and beauty to any occasion, expressing feelings of love and appreciation uniquely and distinctly.


Cookies with Crispy chocolate on the toping 1kilo

Maamoul Nut

S A kilo of nuts maamoul at 17 dinars per kilo M Half a kilo of walnuts at a price

Pink Lily Flower

  • Size:
  • Standard 12 Lillies Deluxe 22 lillies Premium 30 Lillies
  • Note (Sometimes flowers need two days to bloom)

Pistachios, Walnuts, Dates (zalatimo)

  • 1kg Maamoul Is A Signature Zalatimo Brothers Delight. With Zalatimo Brothers Secret Recipe, Maamoul Became A Popular Dessert All Year Round And Especially During Eid. Maamoul Is A Shortbread Cookie Made From Our Unique Semolina Dough And Filled With Different Scrumptious Fillings. Our Maamoul Assortment Artistic Box Contains Three Delicious Fillings: Organic Dates, Grade A Pistachios & Walnuts. This Heavenly Box Is A Chance To Taste All Three Kinds Of Our Artisanal Maamoul Cookies. Our Mouthwatering Maamoul Is Individually Wrapped As A Jewel.