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Orchid Plant with a Hairdryer Exclusive Brand

  • Orchid Plant
  • 4G+ Hairdryer Exclusive Brand For JasmineGift.com

Mom Day Flowers

  • Are you looking to add a touch of beauty and elegance to your home or searching for a distinctive gift for a loved one? Discover our wonderful product, a vase containing white lilies and luxurious Matthiola flowers. This vase combines the splendor of white lilies, symbolizing purity and innocence, with the beauty of luxurious Matthiola flowers, adding a touch of luxury and elegance. A perfect gift to express feelings of love and appreciation or to beautify any special occasion.

Teddy Bear Fully Assembled Red

Original price was: 25.00د.ا.Current price is: 20.00د.ا.
  • Teddy Bear Fully Assembled Red

Valentine Black Roses Chocolate

  • Surprise your loved one with beautiful red roses presented in a stylish black box accompanied by delectable chocolates, perfect for Valentine's Day with Jasmine flower and gift.

Colorful Bag

  • Looking for a gift that combines elegance and beauty? Discover our stunning product, an elegant shoe-shaped vase with a unique flower arrangement inside. This vase combines elegant and beautiful design with intricate details that add a special charm to any space it is placed in. A perfect gift for various occasions or to decorate your home with elegance and luxury.

Sun Bag Vase Flowers

  • A mixture of sunflowers, mathiola and pink roses

50 White Roses

Original price was: 90.00د.ا.Current price is: 75.00د.ا.

Elegant package

Original price was: 73.00د.ا.Current price is: 62.00د.ا.

The Pyramid Gifts

1 kg Dark Delights 500 g Desert Delights 250 g White Delights 4 pcs Lite Delights
10 red roses bouquet

Energizing Charcoal Mask Set

The set contains energizing charcoal mask, charcoal soap, and roller face massager.

Hair & Skincare Set

  • Magical hair oil 35ml Luffa Soap (choose one of the scents: ayla - jasmine - oud - vanilla) Mirrolla onion shampoo Mirrolla mask

Handmade Wooden Box With Body Oil & Organic Soap

  • Handmade wooden box with body oil & 2 organic soaps and Natural Loafa

Home Diffuser Set

  • Fragrances include Gardenia, Lavender, Coconut with Vanilla, jasmine, Orchids, Oud & Amber, Oud, Pomegranate

Lavender Home Fragrance

  • Home diffuser lavender fragrance Size: 250ml 10 bamboo sticks in a glass vase

Peace Gifts

  • Peace Lilie’s (Spathiphyllum) Plant- Standard Size
  • Ferrero Rocher Box  24pcs

Pink and White Lilis Flowers

  • Size:
  • Standard 12 Lillies Deluxe 22 lillies Premium 30 Lillies
  • Note (Sometimes flowers need two days to bloom)

Pink Lily Flower

  • Size:
  • Standard 12 Lillies Deluxe 22 lillies Premium 30 Lillies
  • Note (Sometimes flowers need two days to bloom)

Romance Gift Package

Original price was: 90.00د.ا.Current price is: 85.00د.ا.
Dragee dates 750gr - White Orchid Plant - lavender Body Care (Handmade) INSIDE THIS GIFT BOX Soap Lavender - body sugar scrub - Body Cream Lavender - Bath Salts - Lip Balm -Loofah Soap - Secanted Waw Melts (4) + Warmer+ Tealights(2)+ Match Box

Skincare Bundle with Foaming Cleanser

  • A box of organic skincare products by Dara Shop containing: Organic Foaming Cleanser, Pomegranate & Lime Body Soap, Soy Wax Candle, Face Towel, Solid Perfume, Rose and Aragan Toner

Skincare Lovely Set

  • Rosemary Face Soap 200ml jar of pure organic Shea Butter Organic olive oil body soap Scented candle (coconut and lime scent) Face towel.

Skincare Set 2

  • Set contains: Almond and Shea Face Soap, Almond and Shea Body Soap

Skincare Set 3

  • Coconut oil 250ml Ocean cotton-scented candle Solid perfume Magical hair oil Black seed and Shea face soap Black seed and shea body soap